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Ooh My! That Male Stripper is Adorable!!

Real Life Stories from Male Strip Clubs!

Women are increasingly finding that male strip clubs offer great entertainment. Many use them as a venue for hen's nights. Most women find the experience both hilarious, and arousing at the same time.

Craig from Princes of the Night, has been in the male revue business for many years, but two nights stand out in his mind.

"There was this Grandma, she must have been mid-80’s, close to her 90’s. Very frail, really bleached blond hair, and I was doing tongue-in-cheek to her all night.

Anyway, one of the strippers was near her in the audience and I pointed to him to bring her up. So he put his hand out, and she’s walking up onto the stage and all the other women have just gone like ‘oh my god, look at this’.

He lay her down on the floor and he started gyrating over the top of her, and I was looking at her face and she had tears coming out of her eyes of laughter. He did the splits kind of like on her and ... oh, the eruption of the crowd. Anyway she got back to her seat and the girls couldn’t stop clapping.

I got a call about four days later from her grandson, and I thought he was ringing up to complain. But he said, ‘look I’m just ringing up to say thank you. I had to push her out of the house to go and she came home drunk.

She said, ‘I wasn’t going to come that night, but I walked in, I wanted out, but I had the night of my life!’"

"A few weeks ago I was in the supermarket on a Saturday night buying the food for the evening show, and I got a call from a lady saying ‘look my daughters have booked in and I just want to ask for something. I’ve got four daughters coming there, one’s getting married and their friends will be there and I want her Dad to come down and strip for her on your stage’.

So being me I said, ‘yeah no problem, bring him down’. So he comes up here half way during the night, I’ve walked up, and he’s this frail old fella, he’s taking his pants off and he’s got his boxers and jocks on underneath and an old sheep skin jacket.

And I said, ‘look put this mask on so she doesn’t know who you are’, and I’ve run down stairs and said, ‘ladies we’ve got a bit of a problem, one of the strippers has had an accident on the way here tonight, so one of the guys has picked up this guy. He looks alright, a little bit on the old side, but please help him out, he needs all the support he can get. He said he would do it.

’ And the girls are just going ‘oh no’. So we put on ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’, and he comes out and he’s got this white polar jacket on, an ugly man’s mask that we use, and he starts dancing on the stage and all his daughters are on the front seats.

He’s dancing around and takes off his jacket and the girls are going ‘oh yuck’ and then he’s touching the girl’s hair ... then off with the boxer shorts so he’s down to his jocks. Then he pulls his mask off, and the girls just collapsed with laughter and they’ve all grabbed each other and started hugging and kissing and their mother came in too. They couldn’t believe their old man was up there at the Princes of the Night doing a show for them."

This is an extract of "Hen's Nights", a feature article from Purve ezine.


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