Adorable Sex Sites for Women!!


Some Great Premium Sites for Women
These sites all offer a vast amount of content which you will not find on a free site, and it's usually more hardcore (i.e. penetration shots, close ups) than a free site is able to offer. Premium sites often shoot their own content so you'll get photos not available anywhere else.

You also get many added extras including live sex and videos, in-house sex therapists and columnists. Many are keen to respond to member suggestions and are constantly updating. A number of these premium sites are organised like a magazine, and offer good reading to boot (with NO diets!).

Dick Sites...

BigDick is a site offering penis enlargement. Click here for a pain-free, non-surgical method of getting a bigger dick.

HugeMen. This site is kinda scary. The penises are so enormous that no woman should be able to deal with them. It's a mainstream site, but if you're a size queen, you might find it fairly arousing.

Massive Cocks is a similar site to HugeMen. The entry page is worth a look - these cocks are just plain ridiculous.

Some Free Sites for Women

The Cunnilingus Site - Oral sex for women!
Loving Couples - A couple go camping and make love
Grandma Scrotum's Sex Tips - Naked men and a case of the giggles.
Naked Straight Men - The name says it all
Free Naked Black Men - if you love black men, they're here!
Free Porn for Women - porn for women!


Better Sex Guide
The following great services can all help you to improve your sex life and put some zing back into your lovemaking!

The Sex Positions Guide is a wonderful online resource offering tips on over 200 sex positions, including graphic videos. Plus heaps of other stuff to keep you entertained.

Better Sex is another great site offering advice on how to improve your sex life. Their main product are the excellent Better Sex videos plus they offer heaps of great advice on how to become better lovers.

The Handbook to Great Sex offers over 350 impressive hints and tips to fire up your sex life. With great relationship advice, positions, suggestions for erotic play and more, it's well worth owning.

Libida is a female-friendly site which stocks plenty of vibrators and adult toys, as well as incredible erotic books and more. Worth a visit.

SafeSexMall is a fabulous online adult toy shop which promises low prices and discreet services. They've got a full range of adult videos, lingerie, vibrators and sex toys, novelties, adult games and sexual information resources.

GameLink adult store stocks the Candida Royalle Femme series of videos, as well as her wonderful vibrators as well. You can also download and watch adult movies at this wonderful online shop!

Bedroomsports. If you're after your first sex toy, I recommend you head over to this great store. They've got a wide range of vibrators and other sex toys, and they guarantee secure shopping and discreet delivery every time.

iFriends is the largest online CYBERSEX and video chat meeting place on the internet. If you want to find some single straight guys to type one-handed with, this is the place to go. It's worth is just to check out the cocks these guys have!

Adult Friend Finder is for those looking to meet people for intimate liaisons. There's plenty of swingers and experimenters here, but if you're just looking for someone to talk to, there's plenty of those as well.

Adult Chat Network is a large and varied chatroom where adults can discuss and topic, sexual or not. If you're inclined, there's plenty of cybersex to be had, so if you're curious, this may be the best place to discover an online sexual partner.

The Pussy Shaver lets you get the smooth, sexy look without the painful Brazilian wax! If you dare to go bare, or if you just want to trim the bikini line, the Pussy Shaver is the only shaver designed specifically for women's pubic areas.


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